Wednesday, November 30, 2005

SVN Notes

* Installed svn on with "yum install svn". First time to use yum, much better than unadorned rpm.

* Logged into, created a new repository with

svnadmin create $HOME/VLAB_SVN

* Imported vlab source with svn import vlab file:///home/myname/VLAB_SVN/vlab.

* Also was able to list files: svn list file:///home/myname/VLAB_SVN/vlab.

* After fooling around for a bit, I got SVN to work over ssh from gf2. Since my usernames on pamd and gf2 are not the same, I had to use

export SVN_SSH="ssh -l myname"

on the command line. Then the usual SVN command worked:

svn list svn+ssh://

* Checked out on gf2 successfully with

svn checkout svn+ssh://

* I deleted the unnecessary "target" directory with the commands

svn delete target svn+ssh://
svn commit -m "Deleting build directory"

* The "vlab" group already exists on pamd, so I changed group ownerships to that. I then had to set the group bit with

chmod -R g+s .

This means that all new files created in any subdirectories are created with "vlab" group ownership.

* Finally, the umask needs to be set correctly. I used

umask 007

since this gives group write permission. But it is a problem since my default group is "visitor" so anyone in "visitor" can
create files in my account. I think this needs to go in each user's .login or .cshrc file. I got around this by changing all of
my group permissions to "vlab".

* Looks like a cheap way to set permissions is to alias the svn command to "umask 007; svn". This must be done on each client
machine, however, whereas the "put umask 007 in the .login file" requires less work.

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