Monday, February 13, 2006

Get MyProxy credentials from Globus using COG kit on local client machine

1)Install the latest version of COG Kit on your machine

2)Set up the required keys and properties on your account in the server where globus is installed.For instance : on your account on, follow the steps outlined in the below link :

For the keys, mail Mehmet (

Note that in the last step , myproxy-init :

The password given in 'GRID pass' is the GF1 password and the password given in 'MyProxy pass' is any password of your choice.This is the password that should be in your program to retreive MyProxy credentials.


Enter GRID pass phrase for this identity:
Creating proxy .................................................. DoneProxy
Verify OKYour proxy is valid until: Tue Feb 7 15:15:24 2006
Enter MyProxy pass phrase:
Enter MyProxy pass phrase:

3)Client program to get My Proxy details :

  • Write a program on your local machine to access gf1 and retreive MyProxy credentials with the following values for the properties.

int port = 7512;

String hostName = "";

int lifeTime = 2 * 60 * 60;

MyProxy myproxy = new MyProxy(hostName, port);

GSSCredential proxy = myproxy.get("sajay","test123",lifeTime);

  • Testing the above code to retrive the values of MyProxy as below :

GSSCredential proxy = proxyAccessor.getProxy();

System.out.println( proxy.getRemainingLifetime());


Result :

getLifetime() = 0

getName() = /C=US/O=Indiana University/OU=Community Grids Lab/CN=Smitha Ajay

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