Monday, August 28, 2006

Manually Installing GridSphere Portlets

By popular demand, here is the way to do this the hard way. It works for GridSphere 2.0 and 2.1.

The basic steps to deploying a portlet in GridSphere by hand are the
following (which can also be a check list if things go wrong):
-1. Shutdown tomcat.
0. Edit Tomcat's conf/tomcat-users.xml file and add the line
< user username="gridsphere" password="gridsphere" roles="manager"/>
1. Make sure you have a portlet.xml file.
2. Modify your web.xml file to use GridSphere specific settings. The
Ant task should do this for you.
3. Make sure you have the file gridsphere-portlet.xml in your portlet's
WEB-INF directory. You never need to actually edit this, so you can
copy from one portlet to another.
4. Make sure you have gridsphere-ui-tags.jar in your portlet's
WEB-INF/lib directory.
5. Compile everything and create a war file. Your war file name is
important--it needs to match stuff in web.xml.
6. Copy this war file to tomcat's webapps directory.
7. Create an empty file (using unix's "touch" command) in tomcat's
webapps/gridsphere/WEB-INF/CustomPortal/portlets directory. This should
have the same name as your war file. If your portlet is myjunk.war,
then "touch /path/to/tomcat/webapps/WEB-INF/CustomPortal/portlets/myjunk".
8. Restart tomcat.

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