Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Condor Collector Didn't Start

OK, installing Condor on a local set of linux machines with NFS, no firewall problems, and real IP addresses. What could possibly go wrong? Used condor_install, edited the HOSTWRITE_ALLOW param, tried to start with condor_master, but condor_status gave the error

-bash-3.00$ ./bin/condor_status
CEDAR:6001:Failed to connect to
Error: Couldn't contact the condor_collector on

The answer is found in the link below: you have to enable the additional daemons (particularly COLLECTOR) in the condor_config file.

Note this does not apply to firewalled machines with no access to DNS, no real IPs, etc. See my earlier post for this solution.

Why in the world was this not set in the config file for the master node by default?

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Jeaimehp said...

Thanks Marlon! it did the trick along with making sure the new name I wanted the COLLECTOR_NAME to be matched in both the condor_config and the condor_config.local