Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Running GOAP on PolarGrid Testbed

These notes assume you have the sample data and a snapshot of the code. These are unpacked in /home/polargrid/PolarGRID and /home/polargrid/code, respectively.

Configuring GOAP

These notes are Make sure that matlab is in your path:
export PATH=/usr/local/matlab/bin:$PATH
if necessary. Cd into the /home/polargrid/code directory and edit/check the ParamMCRDS_IU.m file. Make sure these parameters are OK:

param.in_path = '/home/polargrid/PolarGRID/raw/';
param.out_path = '/home/polargrid/PGOut/';
param.ref_path = '/home/polargrid/PolarGRID/150MHz_PD03_PD10/';
param.pos_path = '/home/polargrid/PolarGRID/';
param.pos_name = 'MCRDS_20070917_ALL_pos.mat';
param.prefix = 'data.20070917';

param.in_path should point to the .raw data files.
param.out_path can point anywhere you like, as long as the directory exists.
param.ref_path should point to the directory with the MCRDS_reference_* files. param.pos_path should point to the directory that contains the param.pos_name file.

You may also want to fool around with these parameters.

param.type = 'MCRDS';
param.file_idx_start = 25;
%param.file_idx_stop = 99;
param.file_idx_stop = 26;

These correspond to the data files *.0025.raw to *.0099.raw in /home/polargrid/PolarGRID/raw/. The above just runs the code with 2 input files (should take about 3 minutes) instead of 75.

I also had to use these parameters below.

param.sched_type = 'local';
%param.sched_type = 'jobmanager';
param.sched_name = 'localhost';
%param.sched_name = 'heimdall.cluster.cresis.ku.edu';

You can leave these as is for now. I also had to add the "exit" command to the end of the main script for force matlab to exit. Otherwise running the command script with the -r option (see below throws you back to the >> command prompt.

Running the Code
Do this from the /code/ directory. Run the command

matlab -nodisplay -nodesktop -r ParamMCRDS_IU

Don't use redirected standard inputs to read the matlab file (i.e. don't use "matlab < ParamMCRDS_IU.m") or you'll get

Warning: Type-ahead buffer overflow.
In distcomp.abstractjob.waitForState at 92
In StartScriptCluster at 28

See bottom of
Also, the code won't create the final jpegs correctly this way. So...don't do that.

Where's the Data?
The output files go to the directory you specified above (PGOut). The final jpegs are placed in


along with the header files (metadata, .txt) and .mat files.

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