Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sun RSS Portlet in GridSphere

OK, thanks to Suresh and Marcus, I got the Sun RSS portlet working in GridSphere. Very good indeed, since the others that I found depended on Liferay or JBoss jars. Good grief, people, you are getting on my last nerve.

Here are the steps:
  1. Get the portlet from here:
  2. Do the usual gridsphere stuff: you will need to modify web.xml, copy over the gridsphere-portlet.xml from a working portlet into WEB-INF, copy over a gridsphere-ui-tags.jar from a working portlet into WEB-INF/lib. Also a group.xml and layout.xml file in WEB-INF will help. Plenty of examples of this over at
  3. Also touch webapps/gridsphere/WEB-INF/CustomPortal/portlets/rssportlet
  4. For some reason, the Sun portlet doesn't include the necessary jars to support the portlet's tag libraries, so you will need to get these and put them into WEB-INF/lib: jstl-1.0.6.jar, standard-1.0.6.jar.
This should be everything. The missing jar problem in step 4 was the frustrating part. Here's a list:

content-0.4.1.jar jdom-1.0.jar rome-0.8.jar
gridsphere-ui-tags-2.1.jar jstl-1.0.6.jar standard-1.0.6.jar

Probably there is an easier way, but around here we like to do it the bassackwards way.

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