Thursday, February 28, 2008

Password Protected RSS/Atom Feeds

HTTP Authenticated feeds don't seem to work with iGoogle or Internet Explorer's feed reader, so I looked for a couple of alternatives. These work:
  • Sage: a FireFox plugin. Works fine on both Mac and Windows, as long as you have FireFox.
  • NewsGator: works great on Windows Vista
I also looked into UniveRSS, a 3D (!?) RSS reader for Vista that is based on Windows Presentation Foundation. Um, no thanks. Keep It Simple, Stupid.


Marcus Christie said...

Thunderbird works for this as well. I used it for a couple of LEAD feeds we had on a password protected blog.

Miquel Fuster said...

Hello Marcus, Please, can you explain me how can you subscribe to a password-protected RSS with thunderbird?. I'm trying to do it but it's impossible to do this.