Thursday, March 27, 2008

Broken TeraGrid RSS News Feeds

[Nagger's Update: the titles were fixed after I posted this. Hopefully reordering will be soon to follow.]

If you have a TeraGrid account, you probably have noticed the 6.02(10)^23 emails you get every day (Ranger is up! Ranger is down...). You can disable all of these by going to ' Even better, you can subscribe instead to RSS feeds and get these updates in a sensible fashion.

There are only two problems: the title fields in the feeds are broken and most of the feeds are in newest-entry-last order. The iGoogle RSS reader (for one) assumes that the first entry is the newest (not the oldest) entry.

Here is an example (to pick on the home team): I did notice that TACC had at least fixed their ordering, but most of the other centers have the same problem.

I reported these errors to the help desk like a good soldier, got my trouble ticket, and then...nothing. After a couple of weeks through some back channel emails, I found out that my ticket had been received and that they would fix it within the the year. I am not making this up. No one is willing to take five minutes to fix this simple problem. Probably they don't have any time left after all the meetings.

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