Friday, March 14, 2008

Testing Blogger API

Two Nice Papers by Jim Grey
SSH Empty Passphrases
Password Protected RSS/Atom Feeds
Get Off My Cloud
Counting Unique IPs in Apache Log Files
XFN Test
BBQ Flickr Mashup
Emacs for C#/.NET/Mono
Running GOAP on PolarGrid Testbed
Polar Grid Matlab Note
More with Shindig and Open Social
Quick Start with Open Social, Shindig
A Little More JavaScript and FaceBook Hacking
Quick Facebook JavaScript and PHP API Notes
Portals and Web Applications
Polar Grid URL
Some Project Zero Thoughts
More Mac OS X Emacs
Birdbath and Globus RSL
Installing and Configuring Globus Services on Mac OS X
Condor-G, Birdbath and TransferOutputRemaps
File Retrieval with BirdBath and Condor-G
Condor-G Plus TeraGrid Example
Returning Standard Output in Condor-G
Globus Client+MyProxy+Pacman on FC7 Notes
Title: Scarface in 5 seconds

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