Monday, December 17, 2007

Condor-G, Birdbath and TransferOutputRemaps

Here is the classad attribute structure you need for transferring your output back from the remote globus machine to specific files on your condor-g job broker/universal client. By default, the output goes to your cluster's spool directory. The example below shows how to move these to /tmp/ on the condor host.

Note that TransferOutput files are separated by commas, and TransferOutputRemaps files are separated by semicolons.

new ClassAdStructAttr("TransferOutput",

new ClassAdStructAttr("TransferOutputRemaps",


The trick as usual is to get the condor true-names for the parameters you want to use. These are typically NOT the familiar names from condor_submit. Always create a command script for what you want to do before writing your birdbath api code, and then use condor_q -l to see the internal names that condor actually uses. These are the ones you will need to use in your classAdStructAttr array.

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