Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Globus Client+MyProxy+Pacman on FC7 Notes

Here are my "hold your mouth right" instructions. Deviate at your own risk.

* Get pacman, untar, cd, and run

* Make an installation directory (like mkdir $HOME/vdt) and cd into it. Don't run Pacman in $HOME--it copies everything in the current working directory into post-install, which could be awful if you run from $HOME.

* Fedora Core 7 is not supported by the VDT, so do the pacman pretend:

cd $HOME/vdt (if not there already)
pacman -pretend-platform Fedora-4

* Install Globus clients (you are still in $HOME/vdt):
pacman -get

Answer no to installing VDT certs. We will get TG certs in a minute, and the VDT certs seem to have some problems.

* Install MyProxy (still in $HOME/vdt):
pacman -get

* Install GSIOpenSSH (still in $HOME/vdt):
pacman -get

* Set your $GLOBUS_LOCATION and source $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/

* Get the TG certificates:
* wget
Unpack these in $HOME/.globus/certificates/

* I didn't like the Condor installation I got from Pacman. This should be done for now with the old condor-configure command on a direct download.

* Also make sure pacman didn't set $X509_CERT_DIR. This had some self-signed certs that caused myproxy-logon to to fail and overrode my .globus and /etc/grid-security certificate locations.

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