Thursday, December 13, 2007

Returning Standard Output in Condor-G

[The problems have been hard to reproduce, so none of this may be necessary. But it doesn't hurt.]

Here's a nugget of wisdom: start Condor-G as root and set CONDOR_IDS=(uid).(gid)(that is, see /etc/passwd and /etc/group for the values, should be something like 501.501) if you want to run as a user other than "condor".

I had the following problem: condor_submit worked correctly but standard output went to /dev/null. Checking the logs and spool, I saw that TransferOut was also FALSE and couldn't override this.

I solved this by restarting condor as root (it resets the process id to the CONDOR_IDS user). It also seems to work if you run condor as the correct user (that is, the one specified by CONDOR_IDS).

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