Monday, December 10, 2007

MyProxy, Globus Clients on Mac OSX: Use the VDT

[NOTE: Read the comments. Mac binaries are available from; missing links were added.]

I spent a couple of hours trying to compile Globus source on my Mac OS X, only to have it fail with some mysterious error. Some things never change. Why don't they provide a pre-built Mac OS X binary? Here is the error that I get:

make: *** [globus_rls_server-thr] Error 2

Luckily, the VDT seems to do things the right way. I used Pacman to install globus clients (the command line tools only) and MyProxy. See the VDT documentation for instructions. Why doesn't Globus do this? Unbelievable. Anyway, here are the Pacman commands that I used:

pacman -get


pacman -get

I answered "no" for installing certificates--I have the ones I needed, and answering "yes" caused a failure, probably because of write permission problems.

Set $GLOBUS_LOCATION and source $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/ as usual.


Unknown said...

There are in fact binaries, the links were just missing from the page apparently. Check now.

Ravi said...

That was an oversight on our part. The OS X binaried are linked off of the downloads page now ( . Thanks for catching it.

Ian Foster said...


Thanks for your comments. The lack of a Mac OSX binary was an oversight: it was on the ftp site, but the link was missing. Thanks to Charles Bacon, this is now in place:

Feel free to contact us directly on such issues--e.g., via email to or via a bugzilla entry (

Regards -- Ian.

Unknown said...


installed beautifully. Thanks for the updates. Now if only I could get rid of this Error74, I would be happy.